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Houseboat Magazine - It's Not Just Boating - It's A Lifestyle

Discover the world of house boating today with a subscription to this exclusive magazine.  Whether you're thinking of upgrading to a newer boat or are a newcomer to this exciting segment of boating recreation, know this: In terms of creature comforts, living aboard and relative affordability, it's hard to beat a houseboat.  

Eight times a year, Houseboat magazine help boaters get more value from their on-water experiences with advice on everything from fishing and decorating to learning how to become a successful liveaboard. Included in each issue are destination features, family spotlights and of course those high-end houseboats that are the talk of the dock PLUS ideas to fixing up that old boat. If it's important to houseboaters and to the houseboating industry, it can be found within the pages of Houseboat magazine.

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